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DJ Caitlin

Station Technical Support

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Hi, I’m the Sexy One, Caitlin.  I am Transgender and proud of it, and I give thanks to the management of Spectrum Internet Radio in their continued support.

I started my radio career in Hospital Radio in 2006, which was a bit of a step up from simply hosting discos and karaokes!  Sadly it was necessary to leave the station in 2009, having worked my way up from a humble presenter at just 2 hrs a week, to Senior Station Management, presenting 8 hrs a week of live shows, and gaining recognition for my work and the station in the Hospital Broadcasting Association Awards in 3 categories in 2007.

My first experience of internet radio came in 2014 when a friend of a friend pointed me in the direction of an internet station looking for presenters.  Since then I have worked for several stations in both the UK and the USA, which has included the launch of a completely new station where I did the very first live broadcast back in 2016 and now here I am on Spectrum Internet Radio live and exclusive to you!

Caitlin’s Charts and Choices runs every Friday from 2pm to 6pm covering each of the 4 decades from the 60s to the 90s.  Each hour starts with the Top 10 From This Day from a random year in the decade relative to that hour, ie. 60s at 2, 70s at 3 and so forth.  Once we complete the chart, the rest of that hour turns into Caitlin’s Choices, which could be just about anything at random from my collection, and not necessarily from the same decade!

Favourite Artist?  Celine Dion

Pet hates: Music with ‘irrelevant’ bad language in it, and anything by Eminem (although I am thankful to him for Dido!)