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DJ Steve Badgreeb

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Retired, having previously worked in the building/timber trade from 1967 to 1997, then in Communications with Marconi and London Underground till a few years ago,

I have been into music since 1966, when I really got into the Beatles and pop music, my fave band is the Beatles and second fave are Oasis. After that it is the usual Floyd, ELO, Zep type of bands.

I love most styles of music, write and record my own songs in my home studio and am a Wordsmith.  

A little guitar playing is an enjoyment however, mostly I like to work with other composers. Some of my compositions have been played on Capital Gold, and a few local stations. People have also performed my songs live. My CD’s have been on sale on Amazon and I always have a CD run when working on projects, ranging from 25 to 500 CD’s.

I am currently working on a couple of Country CD’s, and looking to involve a bit of rap in the songs.