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DJ The Beekeeper

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Introduced to “wireless” in 1963, having been given a Bush “valve” radio set, a wire dangled out of my bedroom window invited in a whole new world of  music and entertainment.

Tuning into the many offshore “pirates” and other international stations led to weekly party DJ’ing and the occasional “pirate” broadcasts in the early 70’s.

A career in industrial automation took off, as did family life, and active involvement in music and radio was limited to listening to RNI, Laser and Radio 538 in the car whilst travelling the UK.

In 2003, health issues led to a decision to take early retirement from the “rat race” and more time to do what I wanted to do. In 2005 a “self-build” house was started on the banks of the River Aire.  

Three years later, fingers were twiddling and the voluntary sector beckoned. An opportunistic discussion led me back into radio presenting on a station run by an ex Radio Caroline DJ, which eventually led to a major commitment presenting, interviewing and managing a local 24/7 community radio project.

My passion has always been “true” live radio and listener interaction, encouraging the listeners’ imagination to roam; challenging traditional thinking so the show works from the studio to a point in your brain. That’s what I hope you will encounter when you listen to the Beekeeper and guests is an entertaining music mix. Sometimes it will be forgotten and rare stuff but we only play it if we like it and there will be some rockabilly in there somewhere. We will rock and we will roll and we may play it slow too and it will all come together with my sometimes strange and challenging humour and view of life.

The Beekeeper? Who,What,Why,Where,When? ROFL. Your job to find out and get involved.