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DJ Wayne Kennedy

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As a kid I was always invited to the best school parties, not because I was popular but because everyone knew that where I went my music came with me. Back in those days of course it was a box of 7 inch vinyl records.


My earliest influence musically was my elder brother who used to have a suitcase full of soul records that I would sit and listen to for hours on end.  One day he sold them to raise some much needed cash for a move down South. He said I could select my favourite 10 to keep. I spent all my pocket money for years trying to buy back his old collection from various places down town... and so it began. I now have one of the largest vinyl collections around. Sometimes fate will lend a hand in life’s direction.  

One day out of the blue an old friend called to say she was getting engaged and her fiancé was having to sell his DJ equipment as she didn’t like the attention he got from the ladies. This was the day after I was made redundant and had been given a £500 pay off. I bought the poor guys mobile disco and he threw in his records too. I do hope she proved worthy.

I did 2 mobile discos before I got a call asking me to cover a DJ in Cellar Vie Night Club in Manchester  City Centre.  I did, and proved a big success; so much so that I was given the job as Resident DJ and remained there for 10 years straight, making me at that time Manchester’s longest running Resident DJ. Since then I have built a successful profession outside of music as an Independent Mortgage Broker, but always kept my hand in music via mobile discos.

Next came Internet Radio, and a whole new chapter in my music career.  Fate again placed me in the right place at the right time, attending the Manchester Soul  Festival I recognised a familiar face who turned out to own a very successful internet radio station. In turn he introduced me to the owner of another famous station. She wanted me on her station too and I have been a DJ on both stations ever since.  

And so the story continues as other stations now want my shows.  I am careful in my selection and look for stations with a good track record, stability, good leadership and nice people to work with. I believe Spectrum Internet Radio and I are a great match, and I am happy to come on board.  

My show is Sunday 2-4pm UK time, 9am-11am US ET time.  I have titled it ‘Sunday Soul’ and will be playing a mix of Motown, Northern Soul & Old School Soul hits.  I hope you will join me. Come take a listen, say Hi in the Chat Room if you can.  I’d love to get to know you all.

Keep the faith,