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Hello, my name is Chris, DJ Oz.  I’m actually British, did 22 years with the British Army (a theme going on here) and lucky enough to live and work around the world, emigrating to Australia 11 years ago to join the Australian Army. Currently living in Brisbane, Queensland.

I would class myself as a frustrated DJ in so much as I’ve always wanted to be one, though never had the opportunity. Now, thanks to Ruth I will be!  

My aim is to entertain you from my collection of music, which at times will be a bit rock orientated as my first love in music is rock. As I’ve got older my taste has widened. It amazes me what CDs I have now that would never have been in my collection 20-30 years ago…the joys of getting older and wiser.

So please join me for a couple hours of good music ,and feel free to contact me for a shout out or a bit of banter.