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 © Spectrum Internet Radio 2019


SPECTRUM INTERNET RADIO is a fully licensed Internet Radio Station with PPL and PRS.

Spectrum Internet Radio is a non-profit making Radio Station.

We are not authorised for any form of Commercial advertising or advertising that may give anyone the impression that Spectrum Internet Radio supports any such organisation. Examples of this are Political Parties, Gender Groups and Local Community Support Groups.

 Running costs are covered solely by the owner.

Our aim is to entertain and keep you company by providing live music shows free, to all who wish to tune in and listen.

PLEASE NOTE: Downloading or recording of any music content from this website is strictly prohibited.

To remain compliant with PPL and PRS licences,we are prohibited from taking requests for a specific artist or song. We are however, happy to read your dedications live on air.


General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018 and major changes regarding Personal Data has changed.  

Spectrum Internet Radio does not hold any data on the presenters that has not been given freely for the purpose of the website. Information supplied to us voluntary will not be shared by any third party and will be held securely by the owner of Spectrum Internet radio in an encrypted folder.

We do not hold or process any data on listeners ie,  we do not take requests either by phone or email so therefore, do not hold any contact data.